How to Create Smooth Feng Shui in Your Lodges at Lake Salish Apartment For the New Year

open living with a tv mounted to the wall with modern decor like a plush couch with pillows and a throw blanket.

Life at the Lodges at Lake Salish is peaceful and idyllic. Comfortable apartment living blends with all the natural wonder that Fairview, Oregon offers. Using the principles of Feng Shui, you can give your apartment a refresh to start the New Year off right.

Decorations That Transition out of 2021 and Into 2022

You don’t have to break the bank with new furniture to give your space a touch of January 2022 decor. Instead, something as simple as new bedding and colorful throw pillows can add eye-catching color.

Houseplants can help bring nature indoors and give your apartment a boost of natural energy.

Brightening Up Your Apartment For The New Year

There’s nothing like a fresh start in the New Year. And Feng Shui is all about creating balance in your living space, which extends your life.

Clear away the clutter and use baskets and creative storage solutions so that when you walk into your apartment, you have an open space that invites you inside. Look at doorways and make sure nothing keeps doors from opening and closing all the way.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate Feng Shui principles in your Lodges at Lake Salish apartment is by taking advantage of the windows. To start, thoroughly clean the windows in your apartment and think about ways to let the light flow into your living space organically. Maybe invest in new window coverings that give you a better view of the outdoors so that you feel closer to all of the nature the area has to offer.

How To Keep The Essence Of Feng Shui Throughout The Year

Keep your New Year resolutions going strong all year. Use the principles of Feng Shui to keep your apartment clutter-free and bright. Find natural inspiration from places like Blue Lake Regional Park and bring the wonders of the outdoors inside.