Decorate your Lodges at Lake Salish Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season


When you have your apartment, especially one as lovely as those at the Lodges at Lake Salish, you are sure to be looking forward to holiday decorating but may be unsure of where to start. Of course, you want to get in on all the glorious fun of both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so bringing the cheer of both occasions into your space is key. The best way to accomplish this is by creating your winter wonderland that rivals nearby Mount Hood and Gorge.

Decorations that Transition from Christmas & into the New Year

Find 5-foot tall plastic Christmas trees in either green, silver, or white. You then only use silver tinsel and cool white lights to garnish each, along with clear crystal ornaments and a dusting of fake snow. Finally, add a soft cotton white or cream tree skirt with faux fur trim to finish the look.

A Checklist for Creating a Winter Wonderland in your Apartment

  1. Using artificial snow or ice from a craft store will set the mood. Whether it is 30 degrees or 80 degrees, you will feel the “chill” in the air!
  2. Speaking of trending Christmas items like faux fur, indulge in the warmth it brings to the cool surroundings by adding velvety cream or ivory stockings with fur trim to match your tree skirt. You can even add a few furry throw pillows to your sofa and love seat as holiday decorations.
  3. Silver table-toppers in tandem with a glittery-gray tablecloth are not only elegant but a stunning part of your wintry setting. Add white, peppermint-scented candles for the ultimate ambiance.

Keeping Your Festive Decoration through the New Year

In conclusion, decorating for the holidays can become overwhelming quickly. So, why not choose ornaments and styles that not only represent Christmas but reflect the whole wintry season, including New Year’s Eve? It will cost you half the money and half the time and your decor will appeal to all guests, regardless of which feasts they choose to celebrate.