Our Top Spots to Enjoy the Warmer Weather

outdoor pool and jacuzzi

As you embrace the warm weather of spring and summer, plan several outdoor activities to relax and for fun. Lodges at Lake Salish in Fairview have top-tier features and amenities, such as a spa and lakeside pool, clubhouse, and theater room, to pass the time on sunny days. The quiet and serene place makes your apartment living peaceful and unmatched. Below are some of the best spots to enjoy your warmer days in and around the apartment.

Favorite Spots to Relax In The Community

Since warm weather comes with heat, it is a time to engage in healthy, active, and fun events and games that improve your community living. The lakeside pool is one of the best spots for a retreat in summer because of the water sports you can play with your loved ones.

You can also choose outdoor excursions in the nature trails to feel the gentle breeze as you walk, jog, run, or cycle. The theater room within the clubhouse can also be your ideal spot for relaxing to watch a favorite movie or show with your loved ones in warm summers and spring. Other places to visit during the warm weather include a spa and premier fitness center to enhance health and looks.

Local Gems

Support local attraction centers, businesses, and restaurants by visiting several local gems during the warm days. The Salish Ponds West Park is a local gem with benches, fishing platforms, walking paths, and a wildlife habitat for activities that will give you incredible memories.

Another local place to spend time in warm weather is the 2.9 km Salish Pond City Trail for kids and adults to engage in hiking, bird watching, strolling, and running. The loop trail is quiet and serene, making it ideal for people seeking solitude moments to reflect on their lives.

Spots to Spend Warm Weather Activities

The best places within and out of the apartments to relax and enjoy summer include the pool, nature trails, clubhouses, theater rooms, and indoors. Tenants achieve a fun apartment living by engaging in summer games, swimming, strolling, and birding. You can also make your lifestyle healthy by visiting the premier fitness center for workouts. Call for an appointment for a virtual or in-person tour of our apartments.