Spooky Halloween Treats and Décor to Try This Season at Lodges at Lake Salish


Halloween is right around the corner for friends at Lodges at Lake Salish! Longer days mean way more time with your friends under the sun, but Halloween is the best part. When it comes to this season, there’s one thing everyone has to do. It’s time for some spooky, frightful decorations and pumpkin spice.

Delicious Pumpkin Treats & More

  • Pumpkin coffee cake – this is good for a dessert snack after dinner or having it for breakfast in the morning.
  • Pumpkin butter – replace your usual butter with pumpkin butter; it is full of flavor, and you will enjoy the change.
  • Bake some pumpkin bread or muffins – this will be a fun thing to experiment with the little ones or some of your friends while you have them over for Halloween
  • Make pumpkin chili – chili is always a great idea as the season gets more relaxed. This will keep you warm and going for longer.

Halloween Hacks

Decorating your apartment may seem like a daunting task, but the fact you will enjoy watching your home turn into a spooky fantasy. Check out some of the options you can go for below:

  • Bats – not actual ones, of course; those would surely frighten even you in your own home. Be sure to check out your nearest decorations store for some bat figurines and adorn your house in them to give it that friendly spooky vibe.
  • Skeleton on your door – There is nothing more spooky than a skeleton set up anywhere. On the frame, you can set up the bowl with treats for the young ones doing trick-or-treat runs around the neighborhood.

Apartment Living during Halloween at Lodges at Lake Salish

Use the tips above to ensure you have some Halloween apartment trends. DIY is trendy now, so you can also check some DIY trends. This seasonal decor can be set up for the rest of the year, which will mean a spectacularly spooky festive season!