Recycled Tin Cans

Summer DIY

Summer DIY

It’s the perfect time for picnics, grilling, and outdoor parties. So why not invite some friends over and enjoy the summer while you can. We know outdoor parties are not ideal for apartment homes, however grilling on your patio is definately an option. Entertaining can be stressful but when you have awesome decor, there is no need to be! In this Summer DIY most of the materials, you already have. You will take your soup cans and recycle them into new pieces for your home decor.

Summer DIY

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

What You Need: 

• Empty vegetable pet food or soup cans, cleaned out and labels removed
• Water
• Nail
• Hammer
• Scrap paper
• Ruler
• Tape
• Spray paint (optional)

How To:

Gather your tin cans,  remove labels, and clean thoroughly. Fill each can with water and freeze overnight. The ice helps prevents it from bending when you punch holes in the cans.

Decide on a design for your decoration. You can draw the pattern out ahead of time on a piece of graph paper and tape it to the can as a guide.

Take a sharp narrow nail above each mark on your pattern and gently tap it 3-4 times with the hammer until just the point has punched the tin can.  Repeat until the pattern is completed.

Next, you will need to melt the ice in your can. Rinse hot water until the ice block pops out and allow the can to dry.

Drop in some lighted votive candles and enjoy your new piece of decor!

You are ready for your house gatherings!