The Best Rental Hacks of All Time: Apartment-Friendly Edition

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The Lodges at Lake Salish Fairview, Oregon, are impressive apartments for rent. There are one and two-bedroom homes with all the features you would want in a modern home. The apartments have high ceilings, spacious walk-in closets, large patios, kitchen islands, full-size washer-dryers, and cozy fireplaces. Community amenities include pet-friendly spaces, a premier fitness center, high-speed internet, and a luxurious clubhouse with a theater room. You will find nature trails at the nearby Salish Ponds City Park for a peaceful walk. These apartment living tips should make your life at The Lodges better:

Cool Hacks For the Summer

Consider the following summer apartment trends:

Use Portable Fans Or Air Conditioners

Thanks to technology, many devices for cooling our homes are small and portable. A great way to stay cool during summer is to use portable fans or air conditioners.

You will have to carry them to a room if you plan on spending some time there. However, having a portable fan or air conditioner in a room will keep it cool for as long as you are there.

Ensure the portable devices are energy efficient so you do not increase your energy bills.

Tips, Tricks, & More

Consider the following apartment-friendly tips:

Add Plants

To add life to your apartment, especially during summer, try adding plants to your apartment. The flowers and plants will be in full bloom during summer, and they can transform a space.

The plants should be those that add to the interior decor, and you can easily take care of them even during winter. They will cool, add color and freshen the air in your apartment.

If you want, you can create a plant wall.

Cooling Apartment Hacks

Plants will help keep your house cool. Using portable fans and air conditioners is a more effective way to stay cool during summer. Use these tips for a chillier and fresher home.