Spruce Up Your Lodges at Lake Salish Apartment: Renter Friendly Edition

living room with couch on the right, tv hooked to wall on the left over a fireplace

Living in an apartment can be a great experience, but making your living space feel like home can also be challenging. At The Lodges at Lake Salish, renters can find a variety of amenities to make their stay feel like home. To give your apartment a unique touch, renters can explore some of the latest interior trends and renter-friendly hacks.

New Additions for a Brighter Space

When refreshing your apartment, the key is to make small, temporary changes that won’t damage the property. Peel-off wallpaper is an easy and affordable way to add a splash of color and pattern to your space. It comes in various styles and is easy to remove when it’s time to move out. If you’re looking for a more (seemingly) permanent change, consider adding removable adhesive hooks and shelves. This is an easy way to add storage and display space without damaging the walls.

Clean, Organized, and Unique

The best way to make your rental feel like home is to keep it clean and organized. Invest in some storage bins and baskets to keep your space clutter-free. You can also add some unique decorative pieces to give your apartment a personal touch. From handmade art and vintage finds to plants and even a mini herb garden, there are plenty of ways to make your apartment feel like your own.

Apartment Trends: Making Your Rental Feel Like Home

Living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. With a few clever renter-friendly hacks, you can easily spruce up your space and make it your own. From peel-off wallpaper to removable shelves and storage solutions, there are plenty of ways to give your apartment a unique touch. Located right next to the Salish Ponds Wetland Park, renters can enjoy hiking trails and fishing during their residency in The Lodges at Lake Salish.